Auspicious news for Arecanut Farmers
The synonym for continuous development and changes is V-Tech Engineers.

V-Tech engineers is primary founder of the Areca nut dehusking machine. The notable things to be concentrated upon during the completion of 12 years for V-Tech engineers is that, we introduce necessary changes based on the demand and need of the farmers every year. Especially, once we develop any machine, we indulge the machine into 2 to 3 months of rigorous testing and once its qualified as constructive and beneficial for farmers, we introduce into the market. Similarly, in the year 2019-20, we have come forward with the changes in the machine, facilitating ease of work to the farmers and preventing the dependency on the labourers. The newly-proposed machine has no compromise in the quality and comes with the same price as fixed in the last year.

Since peel of the Arecanut was falling near to the machine itself in the previous editions, it was difficult to separate the Arecanut powder and its peel. As a result of it, there was a need of a labour. In order to solve this issue, the speed of the separator bush is doubled, as a result of which, the Arecanut peal will be thrown away up to 15-20 feet away from the Arecanut powder. It is the need of the hour for the farmers since it effectively cuts down the need of one labour.

Another Significant development is Auto pushing system for Arecanut.

At first, once Arecanut is put into the machine, a labour was needed to manually push the Arecanut into the container continuously. For the purpose of reducing the labour for this work, Auto pushing system is being introduced, which puts the Arecanut separated into the cup automatically.

The performance of the machine is excellent, which is worth noticeable. There is neither drop in the quality of the machine nor change in the price of the machine, even though modification supporting the needs of the farmers is introduced. By virtue of this, Company has gained widespread appreciation of being only farmer friendly company.